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Social Education Development Process
Nov 08, 2018

Social education in a broad sense and what we call a broad education are almost identical in meaning. In fact, the earliest educational function in the history of education was achieved through social education. In the primitive society, before the family was formed, the education of the younger generation was in the joint work of the members of the whole clan. In the daily social life, the members of the clan commune passed through each other’s words and deeds, or from the experienced seniors to the younger generation. Teach some simple production and life experiences in a way that is carried out. Later, with the emergence of family and family education, and until the emergence of school education, the broad social education began to gradually divide into three independent forms of education, namely school education, family education and narrow social education.

Some Western education scholars believe that the narrow social education is about 16-18th century. French social education scholar Di Mu believes that French social education began around 1533; American education scholar Norwes believes that American social education began to be brewed after 1600; the British University of Oxford's Pinis believes that British social education sprouted in 1860 Around the year; Japan's Xinyitong also said in its book "Social Education" that Japanese social education began in the second year of Meiji (1868). In fact, these all refer to the modern social education form. In fact, the history of social education is much longer than these years. As far as the social education in its broad sense is concerned, it is far from being interrupted in the narrow sense of social education. After the school education form was born, it was monopolized by the social ruling class. The working people and their children still accepted social education, that is, receiving education in productive labor and social life. As for modern social education, this is not the beginning of the form of social education, but merely a new development of the form of social education.

Although the forms of social education in all countries of the world have long existed, but before this century, development was very slow. It was only at the beginning of this century, especially after the Second World War, that it began to develop rapidly.

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