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Social Education
Nov 08, 2018

Social education (society education) refers to social education activities that affect the development of the individual's body and mind in parallel with school education and family education. Narrow refers to the educational activities of social and cultural education institutions on various cultures and life knowledge of young people and the masses. In China, in the 29th year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1903), in the article "The General Theory of Education", the article "The General Theory of Education" was divided into three categories: family education, school education and social education. Family education is small, and school education and social education are powerful." In the thirty-fourth year, the Qing government promulgated the "Simple Literacy Program." In the first year of Xuantong (1909), a simplified school was officially established, and social education undertakings such as a half-day school for workers, a peasant's training class, and a reading office were established. In 1912, the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education established the Department of Social Education and began to officially use the term "social education."

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