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Smart Device Security Goal
Nov 08, 2018

U- Ubiquitous ubiquitous network, security ubiquitous

The trend of the Internet of Things is to connect all the devices that are not connected, including those related to daily life - cars, refrigerators, washing machines, electricity meters, health equipment, etc. In the face of the ubiquity of this kind of networking, the protection provided by security can be applied to every networked endpoint/smart device, and the ability of the endpoint to resist attacks is enhanced, and the security protection is ubiquitous.

S-Security end-of-line cloud security

Secure end-to-end cloud security protection architecture to prevent security risks introduced at all levels of new access devices, new applications, new scenarios, and new technology applications:

End: Chip-level protection scheme, white box protection, source protection, strong authentication mechanism, multiple verification, etc.

Management: communication protocol protection, communication authorization authentication, traffic security filtering, etc.

Cloud: Mobile application security/behavior firewall, secure storage, endpoint threat awareness, risk big data analytics, and more.C-Cloud provides security with cloud services

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