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Equipment Product
Nov 08, 2018

Electronic tattoo

Developed by a software design company in Texas, USA, it is an electronic device that can be attached to the skin like a sticker, with built-in boards, chips and sensors. The pattern (actually posted) on the skin can monitor the health of the exercise. It is very thin and does not have to be attached to the arm and can be attached to other parts of the body.

Drone product

DJI Dajiang has launched the new drone product, Phantom 4, which has powerful obstacle avoidance capabilities and relies on computer vision for autonomous flight. Since Dajiang has demonstrated this technology before, it is widely speculated that the hardware on Phantom 4 is either made in China or provided by the giants such as Intel.

Smart home

At present, smart homes are just emerging. The core of the Internet of Things 1.0 era will be "technology". The vast majority of traditional manufacturers in China lack the development strength of soft and hard. Therefore, at this stage, what I want to do is to help the manufacturers to lay the foundation with a set of efficient and fast solutions.

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