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Social education type
Nov 08, 2018


This kind of social education is organized by social institutions (ie, institutions outside the school), including youth education institutions and adult education institutions. Social education activities for young people, such as Children's Palace, Children's Home, Children's Park, Children's Theater, Children's Reading Room, Children's Library, etc. These specialized organizations of social education institutions aim to make up for the lack of school education and family education, and promote the comprehensive development of adolescents' personality. Regarding adult education, there are various cultural tutoring schools, literacy classes, technical training classes, various lectures, and lectures.

In addition to the educational activities organized by the society, some social media also serve as social education tasks, such as newspapers, books, libraries, radio, television and movies.


Some social education is played by the school and is organized by the school, such as correspondence, publication, literacy, various vocational training courses, scientific reports and lectures. This is an educational activity that makes full use of the teaching staff and material conditions of the school, is open to the society, and directly serves the society. Community education in many countries today includes social education that relies on schools to open outside the school.

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