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Social education institution
Nov 08, 2018

Cultural Center (station)

The Cultural Center is a social and cultural institution established at the county level and at the county level. The cultural station below the county. The cultural center and the station are the institutions established by the people's government to carry out mass cultural work and active cultural life. Workers' cultural palaces, trade union clubs, etc. are similar in nature to cultural centers, except that the organizers and clients are different. The rural club is an amateur mass cultural organization established by farmers on a voluntary basis.

Children's Palace

The Children's Palace is an off-campus educational institution for young people and children that is adapted to the diverse needs of young people and children's cultural life. Its mission is to help schools develop the excellent moral qualities of young people and children, help them to consolidate classroom knowledge, enrich cultural life, and develop multi-faceted interests and talents to enable them to develop in an all-round way.


A library is a cultural and educational institution that collects, organizes, maintains, and uses library and information materials to serve society, politics, and the economy. According to its nature and service objects, it can be divided into: public, school, science, profession, children, trade unions, troops, institutions, factories, mines, streets, rural and other libraries.

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