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Social education characteristics
Nov 08, 2018

One: lifelong. Social education is lifelong for anyone. Living to the old age is not for any person. It is your intention to transfer. You have to accept the reality of lifelong education, and accept it positively. The effect is different from unconscious acceptance and negative acceptance.

Two: Broad. Social education involves all aspects of social life, everywhere; wherever there are people, where social education goes, this is impossible for any education. But it is also the most impact on specialized education.

Three: hierarchical. From the age of the person, there are infants and young children; primary school; middle school; university and adult. From the status and level of people, there are central level; provincial and ministerial level; municipal level; county level.

Four: diversity. The diversity of social education is the clearest and most obvious characteristic of social education, and it is clearly obvious that it is neglected. This cannot be said to be the sorrow of social education, the difference of industry, the difference of status, the difference of party, government and army, etc. The dissatisfaction of the social morality that is brought about by the different tasks, duties and tasks is the greatest sorrow.

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