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Social education
Nov 08, 2018

Social education is growing, and although it is still in the auxiliary and compensatory status throughout the education system, it has increasingly shown an irreplaceable role.

Good social education is conducive to the education of students' ideological and moral education, which is conducive to students' growth of knowledge and development ability. It can enrich the spiritual life of students and develop students' interests, hobbies and specialties.

Young people have their own interests and hobbies. If these interests and hobbies are cultivated at an early stage, they can form specialties and demonstrate their talents. This will undoubtedly accelerate the harmonious development of students. School education is difficult to adapt to the individual needs of students with different interests and development levels in the same class. Social education can make up for these shortcomings. According to the students' hobbies, the teachers consciously guide them to participate in the special activities of the off-campus educational institutions, such as computer maintenance, chess and painting, so that students can display their talents, develop their talents, grow their intelligence and intelligence, and then independently use their knowledge. And wisdom to find problems, analyze problems, solve problems, and many students receive more social education, become athletes, actors, computer masters, providing a new way for students to develop in all directions.

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