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Prospects for the development of social education
Nov 08, 2018

First, the target of social education will expand dramatically, from serving a small number of people to serving the entire public. From the city to the urban and rural areas. The number of people and institutions engaged in social education will increase sharply, and the proportion of social education in the entire educational undertaking will rapidly expand. Adult education and other forms of education will focus on social education.

Secondly, the content of social education will be increasingly rich, from simple professional knowledge and skills to multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary expansion. With the acceleration of the pace of social and economic development in China, the people's living standards have been continuously improved, and the lives of more and more members of society have entered a well-off society. People will spend more time and energy on improving their spiritual life. The purpose of learning will no longer be limited to meeting the requirements of the profession, but will instead enrich their spiritual world. The task of adult education will be mainly based on academic education and job training, mainly focusing on social education.

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