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Development information resources
Nov 08, 2018

The library collects a large amount of literature information resources, actively develops, and extensively utilizes these document resources is one of the important functions of the library. It is also the basis for the library to undertake various functions. Due to the large number and rapid growth of the production of social literature in today's society, the types of social literature are complex and diverse; the timeliness of the literature is strong; the speed of dissemination of the literature is accelerated; the content of the literature is cross-repetitive; the language used in the literature is expanding, and the quality is degraded. It is not easy to make people feel that it is widely used. Through the processing and collation of scientific and analytical information resources, the library forms an orderly, regular, and continuous flow of information, and conducts more extensive communication and transmission, so that readers can make better use of them. 

The development of the literature resources of the library includes the following items: First, the acceptance, registration, classification, cataloging, and processing of the documents in the library are finally allocated to the borrowing rooms for scientific arrangement and reasonable circulation; Search and filter the literature resources outside the library to become a virtual collection, and form a broader and faster information channel. Third, through the most modern means - computer network operation technology, the collection literature will be digitized.

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