CNC Machine Education Equipment

CNC Machine Education Equipment

CNC Machine Education Equipment ( YL-569-M) Introduction Electric control unit contains integrated CNCelectric control , which is embedded with intelligent CNC testing system that connect CNC parts directly to adjust elecric and realize maintenance; vertical structure is apt for installation.......

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CNC Machine Education EquipmentYL-569-M)


The electronic control unit adopts integrated CNC electric control, embedded intelligent CNC detection system, and directly connects the CNC parts for electronic control adjustment to achieve maintenance; the vertical structure is easy to install. Same as the actual machine layout.

The equipment is equipped with an intelligent fault maintenance system, including fault generation, analysis, diagnosis, circuit check, and fault confirmation.

The electrical installation training unit adopts a universal stencil structure to complete the adjustment of the numerical control parts through conversion connection with the electronic control interface.


Main cabinet

CNC system:

FANUC Oi mate MD



●  Feed drive: according to the system

●  Power:  AC380V±10%  3-phase 5-wire 50Hz

●  Dimensions:800mm×600mm×1800mm (L×W×H)

●  Leakage protector: residual operating current≤30mA; out of phase protection, overload protection 

Side cabinet

●  Power: 3-phase 5-wire AC380V±10% 50Hz

●  Dimensions (L*W*H): 800×600×1600(mm)

●  Leakage protector: residual operating current ≤ 30 ma; out-of-phase protection, overload protection


Lathe assembly and adjustment

System test

Mechanical geometric accuracy inspection and maintenance of functional components

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